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india at work

2019 saw the highest rates of unemployment in India in the past 10 years. Amidst this economic crisis that has been a troubling result of failed policy making, and an administrative failure by the government, this series hopes to capture the spirit and diversity of work in the country, across class, gender and geography. 

It is an on going, and continuous project that hopes to represent, atleast a small part of the vast diversity of 'jobs', whilst capturing both mainstream professional activities, as well as slowly dying more obscure and often localised professions. It looks at work, not only professionally, as a means to earn a livelihood, but also as a daily practice of routine and ritual, often reflected through tasks related to faith, considering the social and cultural climate of the nation. 

It explores 'gender' as a dynamic, the fact that women's contribution to the economy is more than often underplayed, and women's work regarded as 'unimportant' or not serious enough, resulting in a large discrepancy in recognition, opportunity and most importantly wages. This is a trend that is not limited to India.

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